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How To Get Into Area 51 in GTA San Andreas

Okay this time I want to share how do I enter the Area 51. Trick so easy, as you know that this area is used for missions so you can't enter this building anytime.

There are many ways for entrance to Area 51, but today i'll give you very simple way to enter this area, check this out guys.

1. Find Freeway Motorcycle

Find Freeway, this bike looks like harley, see pic below.


Drive it to Area 51.

Try to follow the picture below, your position must be tight with the air filter, like the pic below.


Then press F or Enter. What happened?
You have successfully entered into Area 51: D


How to Exit?

Type this "GOODBYECRUELWORLD" i guarantee you will be able to come out.

Then what you are looking for in here? Nothing.

So, if there are suggestions and questions please comment below.
So, greetings Blogger.

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